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Add Access Management to your Ionic app in minutes


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Add Access Management to your Ionic app in minutes

Login (Authentication) is just a piece of a comprehensive Access Management solution.

Getting your app users to 'enter' your app the easiest, but still the most secure, way, is the first step. Tailor the user's experience based on when, where and how a user is logged-in. Control what the user can accomplish in your app and also have extensive auditing ability. You can accomplish all of these and more with a comprehensive Access Management solution.

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Onymos Access Component

This plugin is the best solution to integrate Access management into a Hybrid app. The plugin features include:

  • Social Login - via Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter authentication providers

  • User Insights - Derive insights into your user base, using Onymos Analytics. Augment with additional app-specific information to create a richer understanding of your user population and their usage of your app.


  • User Profiling - Setup rules based on User's characteristics to categorize your user population. Tailor your app experience based on the user's category, providing varying awesome experiences to different user categories, and in some cases keeping harmful users away from your app.

  • Control Panel - Comprehensive control panel to tailor user insight and user categorization settings, and visualize critical app usage data.

Benefits of using Onymos Access

  1. Technological Innovations

    Stellar innovations that bundle user login with User-profiling and Business analytics. A single component that lets your app provide secure access to your users, weeding out those that might cause harm, and providing you rich business analytics on your user population.

  2. Time to Market

    Save months of development effort in trying to build login, business analytics and user-profiling functions by integrating the Onymos Access component. Within minutes, your app will have industry-leading social authentication, along with comprehensive user insights, and heightened user experience. There simply cannot be a better value.

  3. Periodic Updates & Technology refreshes

    Onymos Access component is a monthly subscription that entitles you to regular updates as technology changes. You will have access to the latest security practices and technologies as they become available, and more user insights balancing user privacy and security. Simply put, we manage Access Management, freeing you to focus on your app's core functions.

Get Started

Order a subscription of the Onymos Access component here.

Your Onymos Account page will provide a link to Ionic plugin of Onymos Access component, as well as your license Keys for 2 environments (Dev and Prod).

  1. Install Onymos Access component

    $ ionic plugin add /path/to/onymos-plugin-access

  2. Initialize Onymos Access component with your Dev or Prod keys, in your $ionicPlatform.ready function

    var onymosConnectObj = null;
    onymosConnectObj = {
        customerId : '<YOUR-CUSTOMER-ID>', // Provided with your Purchase
        envType : '<DEV or PRD>',
        onymosAuthToken : '<YOUR-ONYMOS-AUTH-TOKEN>' // Provided with your Purchase
    window.OnymosAccess.onymosInitialize (
        function onymosInitializeSuccess (status) {
        function onymosInitializeFailure (error) {

  3. Include a Login icon in your app html with an action to your socialLogin function

    <i class="icon ion-log-in" onClick="socialLogin('<facebook, google or twitter>');"></i>

  4. Your socialLogin function can be as below, or you can explore the additional options documented here

    function socialLogin(authProvider) {
        var accessObj = {
            authProvider: authProvider
            function loginSuccess (statusMessage) {
                // Optionally, call onymosAccessGetAuth to get authData
                var authDataObject = window.OnymosAccess.onymosAccessGetAuth();
            function loginFailure (error) {
    } /* end function socialLogin */

  5. Include a Logout icon in your app html with an action to your socialLogout function

    <i class="icon ion-log-out" onClick="socialLogout();"></i>

  6. Your socialLogout function can be as below

    function socialLogout() {
            function logoutSuccess (statusMessage) {
            function logoutFailure (error) {
    } /* end function socialLogout */

Congratulations! Your app now has Access Management!

Please do check our documentation for more options that can tailor the Onymos Access component to your particular use-case.

Also, check out our Onymos Media Component for adding Photo/Video feature and Onymos Chat Component for adding Chat feature to your Ionic app.


If you have questions or comments, please use our Contact page, or email us at sales@onymos.com


  1. Onymos Access component is available either on a Subscription basis or as a One-time purchase. We are working with Ionic Marketplace to allow for display of Subscription pricing.
  2. We do not have Ratings for our offering here because Ionic Marketplace allows for Ratings only when the Component is purchased via the Marketplace. Our subscription pricing limits us from selling here directly. We have excellent reviews from our customers, and would love to share them with you if you get in touch with us.
  3. If you are developing apps for others, and want to integrate our component into other apps, to save you development time and cost, we have special pricing on multiple license purchases.

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